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2017 Drive Electric.  Asheville, Sept. 10th. Register here:

Drive Electric 2016

2017 Chevrolet Bolt: 
238 miles all electric
Lots of interest at the 2017 Home Garden and Green Living Show.   On diplay were a Nissan Leaf and BMW I3, plus an enlightening workshop on the History and Feasibility of Electric Cars
Home Show 2017
Fast Charger
  Cost to  drive an EV 100 miles:  $2.50

50 mpg Prius: $5.50

25 mpg car: $11.00

(based on electricity cost of $0.10 per Kwh, 4 miles per Kwh average EV efficiency  and gasoline cost of $2.25 per gallon)​​
Pure EVs (BEVs) require no oil changes and less maintenance.

Performance (pick up, handling etc.) of electric cars is better than their gas counterparts.

After a long EV life, batteries can be reused in other applications such as energy and wind storage.

A New Leaf

Friday, October 21, 2016
Rudy B
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