Blue Ridge EV Club - the joy of electric driving!

Greenfest 2018 -  a fun day in the sun:  

Introducing the Tesla Semi

The Model 3 has arrived in the local area.  Pictures coming soon!

2018 Leaf 

Roadster 2020
0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds!

600 mile range!

Asheville Drive Electric 2017 
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Arcimoto Test RIdes at New Belgium - Lots of Fun!

EV Heaven at Ultimate Ice Cream

2017 Chevrolet Bolt: 240 + range
Zero Emissions, Driving off Sunshine!
  Cost to  drive an EV 100 miles:  $2.50

50 mpg Prius: $5.50

25 mpg car: $11.00

(based on electricity cost of $0.10 per Kwh, 4 miles per Kwh average EV efficiency  and gasoline cost of $2.25 per gallon)​​
Pure EVs (BEVs) require no oil changes and less maintenance.

Performance (pick up, handling etc.) of electric cars is far superior to their gas counterparts.

After a long EV life, batteries can be reused in other applications such as energy and wind storage.
Electric Cars


Professor Plug In's Talk:
Driving Progress in the Post-Truth Era

Greenfest at UNCA, Spring 2017:

Fast Charger Opening

Ribbon Cuttings on September 9th at Asheville Outlets and Biltmore Park.

Lots of interest at the 2017 Home Garden and Green Living Show.   On diplay were a Nissan Leaf and BMW I3, plus an enlightening workshop on the History and Feasibility of Electric Cars

Ribbon Cuttings on September 9th at Asheville Outlets and Biltmore Park.

Home Show 2017

Drive Electric 2016

Ice Cream Social, July 20th 2016.
About 15 members brought their S's, Leafs, CMax's, Prius's and Smart Cars to convoy from SACE's office on Orchard Street to Tunnel Road Ultimate Ice Cream.  The drive was cool, followed by some really cool ice cream! 
World Awareness Day March 2016
On March 4th, the Blue Ridge EV club hosted a panel discussion about EVs at the Asheville School as part of their World Awarness Day.  There were many interesting questions fom the 300 strong student body about electric cars.  After the discussion, the students who come from all over the country and worls to attend this school, each had ride in an EV. 
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A trip to Proterra, manufacturer of electric buses used all over the US:

Earth Day 2016
Lovely day at Chimney Rock State Park

Pictures and Videos from the 2016 Spring Home, Garden & Green Living Show 

Tesla Supercharger Opening at Asheville Outlets, Dec 19th 2015

About to cut the ribbon
William giving us the "Low Down" on Tesla and electric cars.
A $Million in Car estate here!