Blue Ridge EV Club - DRIVE ELECTRIC​​​​​!
 Experiences of Local EV Drivers
The Blue Ridge EV Club is for all EV enthusiasts interested in promoting the benefits and joy of driving plug-in electric vehicles.   Members are located in and around the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the Western North Carolina region. We are affiliated with the Electric Auto Association and endorse its mission statement:
"The Electric Auto Association accelerates the
 widespread adoption of plug-in electric vehicles 
through education and advocacy."

Asheville's First Drive Electric Earth Day: April 28th, noon to 4pm at the Asehville Outlets:

All Electric Proterra buses now in Asheville

Asheville Drive Electric 2017 
and on Facebook

NEW EVs for 18/19

Asheville Drive Electric 2018

Greenfest 2018 -  a fun day in the sun:  

Nissan Leaf: 151 miles of range.

Tesla Semi
Used Teslas For Sale: Click Here

Roadster 2020
0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds!

Arcimoto FUV in Asheville

Tesla Model 3:
All Wheel Drive 310 mile range.

 ​​​ Costs,

to drive an EV 10,000 miles:

to drive a 50 mpg car 10,000 miles: $550

to drive a 25 mpg car 10,000 miles: $1100

(based on electricity cost of $0.11 per Kwh, 4 miles per Kwh average EV efficiency  and gasoline cost of $2.75 per gallon)​​

Chrysler Pacifica EV/Hybrid


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Kia Niro EV

Chevrolet Bolt:
240 Mile Range
Pure EVs (BEVs) require no oil changes and less maintenance.

Performance (pick up, handling etc.) of electric cars is far superior to their gas counterparts.

After a long EV life, batteries can be reused in other applications such as energy and wind storage.

Kia Optima PHEV

Hyundai Ioniq EV

Hyundai Kona EV 250 mile range!

Prius Prime

Electric Cars
A chapter of the Electric Auto Association    ​
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Welcome to The Blue Ridge EV Club website.
EAA Purpose 
To act as a source of information for the membership, other organizations and the public, on the current state of electric vehicle technology worldwide.

To encourage experimentation in the building of electric vehicles, particularly to improve energy and resource efficiency, reduce emissions and improve vehicle safety. 

To promote and organize public exhibits of electric vehicles built by members and others for the purpose of informing the public on the progress of electric vehicle technology and conducting public opinion polls. 

To use all media, such as newsletters, web sites, information packages, and other paper and electronic media designed to inform the public and promote the cause of electric vehicles.
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